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GamePlan software
 -- for sports and recreation events

Search Stories (30-second videos)
 -- Sports & recreation: challenge ladder software
 -- 101 Favorite Things about the University of Illinois

 -- why the name for this website?

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Word Puzzles
 -- A crossword puzzle, and Wordle game analysis

Illinois 101
 -- 101 Favorite Things about the U. of I.

Easter date calculator
 -- find the date on which Easter falls

Retirement Income calculator
 -- calculate retirement income scenarios involving various combinations of savings, IRA accounts, and pensions.

Mortgage / Loan calculator
 -- calculate loan payments

 -- resources for SCRABBLE players

And in case you're looking for this... Champaign County Freedom Celebration
 -- Champaign County (Illinois) Fourth of July celebration
[note that their URL is very similar to the URL for this website!]

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