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The SCRABBLE® board game has been a popular pastime for decades. The National SCRABBLE Association and the North American SCRABBLE Players Association provide lists of local SCRABBLE clubs around the nation, as well as a variety of other resources for SCRABBLE players.

Local clubs provide the opportunity for players to meet and compete, and may include a variety of skill levels, from beginners and occasional "social" players, up to nationally ranked competitors.

I have developed a chart that I used to help me learn all the two-letter words.

Please send me any comments or corrections.

- Channing Brown

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Important Words
Ten Ways ...
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Here are a couple of resources that I received from my local SCRABBLE club:

Important Words to Raise Your Score
This two-page sheet includes a list of all the two- and three-letter words; some words starting with J, Q, X, and Z; "U-less Q words" and "vowel dumps"; and some commentary on making a "bingo" (a play that uses all seven tiles, and thus scores 50 bonus points).

Ten Ways to Become an Instant SCRABBLE Expert
This page contains ten hints and tips for improving your SCRABBLE game. -- Play a vocabulary game (learn new words!), and help feed the hungry.

Additional Resources:

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